General Contracting

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general contracting

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Keka Enterprise is a Quality Program Leader in the General Contracting Services Industry. Our quality programs ensure the highest level of service is provided to our customers and create an environment of continuous improvement in our Projects’ operations.

Keka Enterprise’s Quality Management System (QMS) ensures contract conformance and customer satisfaction. It is based on these quality management elements:


  • Management Commitment: Championing the Quality Program begins with management. Our Corporate and Project management teams are focused on making quality happen.
  • Consistency: Our objective is consistent services that meet contract requirements and exceed customer expectations 100% of the time.
  • Prevention: Preventing deficiencies is key to producing quality services, and is attained through training, communications, and specific improvement projects.
  • Measurement: Measurements such as customer satisfaction, deficiency count, number of inspections, and corrective actions are quality elements used to evaluate the project.
  • Action: Actions to identify performance gaps and deficiency root causes, and to implement corrective and preventive measures create a proactive quality program and ensure an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Plan: Improvement planning ensures the quality process moves forward. Our plan is designed to find and correct deficiencies before the customer considers them to be a problem; and prevent recurring deficiencies by reallocating manpower and equipment, adjusting surveillance methods, improving processes, and evaluating outcomes.


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